Warning: Graphic Content

This guy is pretty nasty!
Warning for Body Horror, Cannibalistic Themes, Vomiting,
mentions/implications of Self Harm
and Drug Use,
overall Blood and Gore

In this world useless gods once walked the ancient earth and their screwing around left behind a lingering energy akin to nuclear waste. This has notably impacted humanity's existence, with it now comprised of 'Descendants' making up approximately 7% of the population. These individuals exhibit diverse effects, from subtle anomalies in appearance to extraordinary abilities.

However, far from being embraced, Descendants are a feared and often scapegoated demographic, blamed for the world's woes and used as something to grandstand against. The majority simply yearn for a normal and peaceful life.

Elliot is not part of that majority.

At the most base level of what an Elliot is, he's a stubborn, brazen man in his mid-20s to early 30s, who harbors a strong disdain for authority, a lot of love for his peers, and veers towards rebellion. He takes pleasure in his own sense of order, relishing cleanliness and good, expensive food and drink, and having way too many downy blankets and pillows in his bed.

He's blessed(?) with the ability to grow and become masses of serpetine monsters (he calls them 'eels'). These creatures are malleable, capable of taking on almost any shape at Elliot's command. When left idle, they operate semi-autonomously, armed with numerous teeth and split-second reaction time. The question of whether Elliot and his eels are one and the same remains a murky area with elusive answers.

I have, unfortunately, made too many versions of this freak.

Elliot Temp Art

Typical Elliot

Standard type relatively healthy? Elliot! Tends to be a representative in his community.

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Stray Elliot


Little fool who can't find anywhere to make a soft landing. Spitfire, foolhardy, tries his best.

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Tired Elliot


Elliot who gave into his depressive nature. Sick of everything. Just wants a nap.

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Awful Elliot


This Elliot is messed up. :( He hears the future nonstop, so nothing actually matters! Might as well be a freak.

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