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Typical Elliot

Name Elliot Abernathy
Aliases Riven

Early Life

Born in a town in the middle of the sticks somewhere in Pennsylvania, he was a young bright lad who liked getting straight A's and meandering along streams looking at minnows and tadpoles. As puberty and other changes began to take hold, he increasingly withdrew, immersing himself in playing video games and avoiding his father's persistent expectations of traditional masculinity. Socializing was never his strong suit.

Following a tragic accident that claimed his only friend (Elliot's serpentine monster powers fucking ate him RIP Cody.) he was further burdened by the overwhelming guilt.

Struggling with both his ridiculous powers and his parents' repulsion towards him, he made the pressured decision to run away from home at 16. Living out of his beat-up car, he navigated a series of couch-surfing arrangements and engaged in some questionable activities just to make it through each day.

Fueled by his deep-seated resentment towards society and authority, he gradually shifted towards increasingly violent and destructive criminal activities, using them as both a means of survival and a form of expression. This path led him into the more proactive and dangerous sectors of his community, and from that point on, he hasn't looked back.

Notable Events

Building connections through interactions with the socially rejected and neglected, Elliot successfully assembled a fairly eclectic group of rights activists. His presence became a familiar sight at riots and events challenging the status quo. Fueled by a reputation for getting shit done, stubborn determination, and a network of valuable connections, he unexpectedly found himself in the role of a representative.

Gradually amassing social power, the 20's-something Elliot, through his extended network, cobbled together a safety haven with his group of pals— a city carved out exclusively for powered individuals.

The city's unique status is maintained through the looming threat of retaliation posed by its leaders and inhabitants.


Elliot is 5'8" with dark reddish brown hair, orange eyes, pale skin that sunburns easy, and well groomed. He tailors his clothes to fit and often adds hidden slits in the back of his tops for eel reasons. He leans towards dark and neutral colors and natural fibers. Long coats and tapered or/and slim trousers. Layers. Generally has the air of being confident, often bordering on smug. Prone to gesticulating and smiling for both earnest and rude reasons.


Typical Elliot abilities: The ability to grow serpentine monsters called 'eels'. He can specialize these monsters into nearly any shape. He can also turn into a mass of them entirely and moves quicker this way via rolling swarm.

The rapid fire growing capabilities can be used for healing lacerations and replacing missing body parts- but any replaced bits can take weeks to months to years to regrow into human-looking flesh rather than eel meat.

The ability to see in the dark pretty decently as a result of having tapetum lucidum.

This type of Elliot has some electrical capabilities thanks to the development of specialized electrocytes, limited to little more power than a tazer.


Normal Egg
Generally Elliot meets this kind of pathetic Egg and tries to take care of him immediately. At best it's awkward, at worst it's just straight up disasterous. They don't work out.
AU Egg
Elliot was in pathetic puppy dog love with him, but turns out decent good people don't want to date or be associated with violent, horrible men. They break up and it takes a looooong time for Elliot to get over him.
Meet as enemies, become overdramatic horrible lovers.
Scrib is Elliot's friend(?) acquaintance(?) or something. Elliot finds them generally obnoxious but ultimately harmless. Scrib is around for the lolz. They've messed around with each other a couple time.