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"The Menace STAR and his Counter-Culture Cohorts"

The figure synonymous with chaos and dissent, STAR - one of the the so-called champions of rebellion against the "established order"- has once again trespassed on PinnacleZenith Consolidated and Holdings property and lead to untold damage towards the feeling of security of those who work there and their loved ones.

Filler Art 2 STAR, a prominent "streamer", has made it his mission to be a perpetual thorn in the side of anything that offers us stability in our increasingly unstable environment and economy. Him, and those like him, claim to be a subversive counter-culture as they broadcast their crimes to thousands of viewers across the world.

They're simply parasites feeding off society's vulnerabilities, thriving in the shadows, driven by a shared commitment to disrupt and dismantle, does that sound like something to support through views and "donations" to you?

These deranged individuals are encouraged to adopt personas that are both themed and memorable, ensuring that their actions resonate in the minds of the masses, especially for our children! For what purpose?

To incite upheaval and disorder in a world already grappling with scarcity, leaving citizens with nothing more to do than idly observe the bizarre spectacle? They are not for the people as they insist they are.

If you think you're safe from their persistant and pointless dissent, think again. Wamapple's reports last year remind us their terrorism exists in various forms; infiltrating, sharing confidential corporate information, and of course - outright theft from right under their employers' noses.

Filler Art 3 This repeated breach of trust has lead to the need of even more bio-indentification requirements for those applying to jobs - the cost of which has increased application fees by up to 30%! Are you feeling the squeeze yet?

The troublemakers, jeopardizing the delicate balance that keeps society from descending into complete anarchy, have gotten away with it for far too long. Join us on our stream at 15:00 UTC where we have CEO Level 3 of UnBridled Corp exclusively inform us about his close call with STAR.


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