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This is a delicious hamburger!

Indulge in a gourmet experience with our Juicy Swiss Mushroom Burger! Savor the succulent beef patty, topped with melted Swiss cheese and flavorful sautéed mushrooms. All nestled in a soft, toasted brioche bun for the perfect bite. Elevate your burger cravings – it's a taste sensation you won't forget!

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pie ssssausage fries :3 what is this thing??? 3borggrer
Scribblehead/Scribble/Scrib They/them default but literally incapable of caring Early to mid 20s. ~5'10"
Owns some amount of Ferrets Everything is Ironic

Nothing is Sacred.
A consistent pest. Their head is an intangible light mass. Memory erasing and manipulation powers that they use for funsies and to avoid accountability. They gotta be in eyeline with someone to do it. Constantly stimulation seeking. Likes bad novelty t-shirts, shoes that piss people off, and horrific novelty food. Quotes memes and viral videos and uses slang badly. Rides a skateboard.
Urban creature and is generally repulsed by the wilderness. Will Not wear formal wear even if it kills them.